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10 Slider Shoes To Slay Summer With 

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10 Slider Shoes To Slay Summer With 

Summer shoes should be as relaxed as the season and there really is no style that’s more laid back than the humble slider.
Simply slide it on or slide it off. There are loads of variations on this trend and sliders don’t have to be sporty or even verging on clumpy, they can actually be anything you want them to be – from elegant to eccentric.

Slip them on for work, slip them on for play, slip them on for your beach break… Just make sure you can walk in them first because slipping and sliding isn’t always as fun as it sounds.

Fruit Slice

Refresh your summer style in an instant with these fun numbers from Topshop. The so called Happy Fruity Sliders are too smile inducing to say no to.

Happy Fruity Slider – $35
Happy Fruity Slider – $35
Red Glimmer

If you want your sunburn to match your shoes, then these are an ideal choice. But jokes aside, these red sliders from Fern at Topshop are seriously sophisticated and can be worn with some turned up ripped jeans or smartened with a skinny black pencil skirt. However you style these ones, you will love the hidden sparkle on the heel.

Fern – $75
Fern – $75
Bling Slide

Every inch of these slides is covered in rhinestones and we wouldn’t have it any different. These shoes give you in-your-face sparkle, glitter with guts and strides that have a whole new level of impact. For the truly fabulous only. Forever 21 Rhinestone Loafer Slides.

Forever 21 Rhinestone Loafer Slides – $27.90
Forever 21 Rhinestone Loafer Slides – $27.90
Midas Slide

Give your feet a serious touch of glamor by treating them to these Gold Slides from J Crew. Minimalists will approve. And so will the bling brigade.

J Crew Gold Slides – $68
J Crew Gold Slides – $68
Sole to Soul

Summertime is all about chilling, and not making too much effort with your look, despite the fact it took literally months of dieting/beauty prep/planning/deal hunting. These See By Chloe Strap Sliders are classy and nonchalant. And reduced to $184.

See by Chloe Strap Sliders – $184
See by Chloe Strap Sliders – $184

Sports Chic

Sports chic is still going so while it’s on trend to look like you are a sponsored athlete get your hands on some original cool sliders from PUMA. We love these monochrome ones.

Sliders from PUMA – $45
Sliders from PUMA – $45

Gray Days

When it’s sunshine and blue skies these gray sliders will come in handy – chic and practical they’re substantial enough to give your feet a little cushioning while oozing normcore chic. Jslides Alura Platform Slide Sandal.

Jslides Alura Platform Slide Sandal – $69
Jslides Alura Platform Slide Sandal – $69
Bronze Goddess

Why have one when you can have two? These Boohoo Gracie Sequin Trim Double Band Sliders are really a thing of beauty and we bet they stay on really well too!

Boohoo Gracie Sequin Trim Double Band Sliders – $20
Boohoo Gracie Sequin Trim Double Band Sliders – $20
A Touch Of Noir

Black works with everything and these patent Jasmine Patent Sliders from Boohoo are only a crazy $20. Definitely one to add to your vacation style list. Slip them in your suitcase and you won’t regret it.

Jasmine Patent Sliders from Boohoo – $20
Jasmine Patent Sliders from Boohoo – $20
Carnival Time

Give your feet some fun this summer with these insane Kaltur Multi Colored Fringed sliders from ASOS that are guaranteed to give you a ton of pedi polish color options. Just pick a color. Any color. $40.00

Kaltur Multi Colored Fringed sliders from ASOS – $40
Kaltur Multi Colored Fringed sliders from ASOS – $40

—Ursula Brunetti

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    Love the rhinestone sandals!

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  • chava zewicky

    Jslides look nice

  • thepittsmn

    My favorite is the Jslides Alura Platform Slide Sandal..

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    The watermelon shoes are so cute.

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    Sole to sole are my favorite

  • Brenda King

    Love the fruit slide!

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    I love the watermelon shoes

  • Calvin F.

    Slider shoes are great and convenient.

  • Monica Allen

    I love the Bling and Fruit Slice slides

  • Kaylin Bruce

    LOVE the red ones!

  • Kim Bakos

    The watermelon ones are so cute!

  • Robin Lohman

    I can’t lie these make me think of my grandma’s shoes about 15-20 years ago and I can’t get over it

  • Susan West

    Being an old fart slip ons are great, some of them are wild and those are the ones my daughter would choose.

  • tpoage

    Had to have a second look. Love the Bronze Goddess sliders.

  • sarah spencer

    some are a bit flashy but i do love most of these!

  • Sand

    Cute mix!

  • Kathleen

    The Gray Days sliders look so comfy!

  • thepittsmn

    Great shoes, but I need some with more give for my sullen feet.

  • kaarie gillis

    I love how fun the carnival time slider shoes are! I would wear them with everything (:

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    These are cute I need them!

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