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Steps To Apply Lipstick Perfectly

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Steps To Apply Lipstick Perfectly
1. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips

If you want to achieve a perfect lipstick application and a gorgeous look, you will need to start off by having clean and moisturized lips. This will allow an even application and a better hold. You can use a damp cloth or a very light toothbrush to remove any dry or chapped parts of your lips. Apply lip balm or moisturizer for an even surface. Allow it to get absorbed.

TIP: Not exfoliating and moisturizing your lips will result in lipstick gathering in the lip cracks and accentuating any lines and imperfections.

2. Prime and prep your lips

You will achieve best results by applying a lipstick base, ensuring greater coverage and adherence, as well as color fastness. Additionally, lip primer keeps your lips moisturized and helps you apply the lipstick in an easier, smoother manner. High quality lip primer will allow your lipstick to last longer and will decrease the amount of touch-ups necessary.

3. Line up your lips

Line your lips with a liner pencil; make sure it is sharp enough to create a sharp line. Start at the center of the lips and move towards the corners. A precise line will help define the shape of your lips and allow you to apply lipstick without spreading it outwards. Correct any mistakes and restart, if necessary. Try to match the color of the liner and the lipstick, for a more natural finish.

4. Apply the lipstick color inside the lines

Once you have lined your lips and you have a matching lipstick to follow up with, it is time to fill in with lipstick. Apply it only inside the lip line; for more control, use a lip brush instead of applying directly from the tube. This will also allow the lipstick to last longer. Apply an even coat, use Q-tips to correct any mistakes or smudges.

5. Lock the color

Once the lipstick has been applied, press a tissue over your lips to remove excess. Press it gently over your lips instead of pressing it hard in between the lips. Apply a second lipstick coat and blot again; this will help fix the color, for a longer wear time.

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