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Why Matte Lipstick Can Be Tricky To Wear And Maintain

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Why Matte Lipstick Can Be Tricky To Wear And Maintain

Matte textured lips are very popular, as they work for any occasion and look. However, they can be tricky to wear and maintain, because they contain less moisture and tend to dry during the day. Therefore, well moisturized lips that will hold the lipstick evenly are a must for matte lipstick. How best to apply matte lipstick:

Step 1: Exfoliate & Moisturize Your Lips

Your lips must be well moisturized in order for the lipstick to look its best. Get rid of dead skin by exfoliating and apply moisturizer before going to bed, in order to keep your lips hydrated; re-apply in the morning, before applying lipstick. If your lips are dry during the day, you may want to apply a moisturizing balm and then re-apply your lipstick, or use a super moisturizing lipstick formula.

Tip: If you are using regular matte lipsticks, using a lip brush will work best, because it will distribute the color evenly. These lipsticks are less moisturizing and a brush will ensure the lip folds are filled in and covered.

Step 2: Do the Rest of the Makeup first

Apply moisturizer to your lips, do the rest of your make-up and then apply lipstick. This will give your lips a chance to absorb the moisturizer. Your lips and rest of the make-up should complement and complete each other: your lips should not compete with your eyes for attention: if you choose a bright lipstick color, stick to a simple look for the rest. You can always add eye shadow or a smoky eye effect, if you plan to go out.

Step 3: Use a Lip Liner

Choose a lip liner of the same color as the lipstick. Outline your lips in order to make sure you get it right from the beginning: otherwise, the high pigment content of matte lipsticks make them hard to remove and correct. The outline will also make it easier for you to glide the lipstick in an even manner, and it will make your lipstick last longer.

Step 4: Apply Your Lipstick

You can apply your lipstick directly from the tube or by using a lip brush, according to your preference. The goal is to be as precise as possible.

Tip: Liquid matte sticks usually include a mechanical brush, which needing an additional brush.

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  • Ellie Sheely

    I agree and occasionally like the matte lipstick look. This as posted, is what I do already. musts: sequence of make up application, liner, scrub, and I also blot and pre moisturize.

  • Dawn Castiglione

    I actually prefer matte lipstick. I just like the way it looks

  • Cathy Jarolin

    I never knew that about Matte lipstick and not working well on dryer lips. You taught this ole Girl something new~ I However use the Satin Lipsticks in a light color. This is a wonderful post for those who wear matte lipstick.. Thank You for sharing

  • Susan West

    Great tips, will have to try.

  • shellymiller

    enjoyed the article, will definately readjust some steps due to excessive drying

  • thepittsmn

    I always have had problems with matte lipstick.

  • Calvin F.

    Great tips, I like matte.

  • 1alwaysnyc1

    I apply a vitamin E lip balm as part of my skincare routine which makes matte lippies go on much smoother.

  • tpoage

    Thanks for the tips. I love Matte lipstick.

  • Brenda King

    Love Matte lipstick and I also love the tip about lips not competing with the rest of your face make up.

  • kaarie gillis

    Thanks for the tips- especially the one on exfoliating my lips before i put on matte lipstick. I’ve always had problems with applying it evenly.

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