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Blush Is The Perfect 10-Second Makeover Trick

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Blush Is The Perfect 10-Second Makeover Trick

Adding a little blush to your cheeks can make a huge difference: it can make you look and feel more fresh, more rested and healthier. The best blush choices are those that complement the skin’s natural tone and add a touch of color without looking added on. Once again, a subtle, natural color choice is better than a more ‘artificial’ one.

1. Know your skintone and undertone

Just because a color looks lovely in its package it doesn’t mean that it will look good on your skin. That is why it is important to know your skin tone and undertone, in order to choose the blush color that will enhance and complete your look, in the most natural way possible.

Once you have found your skin tone, understand and explore the blush colors that will look good on you. You can choose existing shades, or, once you get better at it, experiment with mixing shades for a custom blush color. Also, as for all make-up, it is important to use the right blush colors for the right occasions: a lighter, more natural color for daytime and a darker version for nighttime. You can also use the same blush for all occasion, just remember to intensify its color at night, by layering.

Fair Skin Tones look best in soft pink, peach or light coral, which will enhance the lightness of the skin and give it a sun kissed look that is natural and flattering.

Medium Skin Tones also look great in pink and peach, but in darker shades. For more dramatic results, you can use a rich pink, and even certain shades of mauve, but only of applied correctly, and to the right spots. Avoid blush colors that have a bluish undertone, because they are hard to coordinate with most skin undertones, and result in what looks like slightly bruised cheeks.

Dark Skin Tones look great in deep shades of red, orange and brown. They look natural and provide a tanned, radiant look for both daytime and evenings.

2. Know the blush types

1. Powder
Powder blushes are light, subtle and easy to apply and reapply. They are the best choice for natural looks, as you can very easily control and correct the amounts applied. Although powders have matte finish, you can still achieve a shimmery look by adding a fine layer or highlighter over the blush.

2. Cream
Cream blushes are great for dry skin types. They moisturize and provide a touch of color, and are very easy to apply. They have a dewy finish that provides a youthful glow.

3. Gel
Gel blushes are less pigmented than cream-based ones. They glide on the skin and super easy to apply. They provide a radiant, subtle finish thanks to their sheer pigment, and are ideal for normal to oily skin types.

4. Stain
Stain blushes are highly pigmented, therefore providing long wear and less need for touch-ups during the wear time. They often double-up as a lip stain.

To Summarize
Skin Tone
Cool Undertone
Warm Undertone
Soft Pink, Light Coral or Peach
Pink or Light Purple
Orange, Medium Mauve, or Red
Pink, Coral or Deep Peach
Deep Fuchsia, Pink or Red
Warm Brown, Tangerine or Deep Red

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