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How To Find The Best Red Lipstick For You And How To Apply

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How To Find The Best Red Lipstick For You And How To Apply
A true fashion classic

Red lipstick will always be ‘in’. Now, choosing the right red shade for you is another story… and knowing which shade of red looks good on you, for which occasion, pushes the research even further.

Your skin tone and complexion will be the best guides in your choice; don’t forget that, just as with eye shadows, you can mix lipstick colors and finishes to get that perfect look!

How to apply red lipstick

Step 1: Start by outlining your lip’s cupid bow with lip pencil. Apply a slant line to your cupid bow and then apply another slant line to make an X. Move on to the lowest point of your lower lip; from there, outline the curve of your bottom lip.

Step 2: Outline the rest of the lip, including the corners, starting from the cupid bow and the curve of your lower lip respectively. Blot your lips with tissue and reapply the liner to cover any spots you may have missed.

Step 3: If you like the look of liner alone, simply apply lip balm to your lips. Make sure the liner is a shade that is close to your natural lip color, if you are only filling in with lip balm, otherwise the outline will be too dramatic. If you prefer to fill in with a shade of red, apply lipstick within the liner contour. As for texture, you can keep it matte or glossy, or even add a touch of glitter, depending on the occasion.

—Susie Wang

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