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How To Perfectly Apply Blush

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How To Perfectly Apply Blush
1. Where to apply it

The shape of your face and your cheekbones will determine the best place to apply blush. Remember that blush draws attention wherever you dust it on.
To slim a round face: Suck in your cheeks in order to clearly see your cheek bones. Apply the blush by sweeping it along your cheekbones and continue all the way up to your temples.

To balance a heart-shaped face: Use the blush below the apples of your cheeks and sweep it into your hairline.

To soften a long face: Apply blush beneath your apples only, do not blend out to your temples.

2. How to apply – step by step
  1. Dab the brush into the blush, lightly, tap off any excess or, if using liquid form, put a dab of gel on your fingers.
  2. Look into the mirror and smile naturally, in order to figure out where the apple of your cheek is.
  3. Apply the blush to the center of the apple and blend it along your cheekbone. If using powder blush, always sweep it in one direction only. Make sure there is no hard edge where the blush stops, beyond your cheeks.
  4. If you apply too much powder blush, by mistake, you can correct it by applying a bit of translucent powder over it. If you are using cream blush and have applied too much, blot the color off with a tissue. In the case of gel and liquid blush, which “stain” the cheeks, you will need to wash your face in order to correct the same issue. Moisturize and reapply the liquid blush.
  5. Repeat the application on the other cheek, and make sure the application is symmetrical, both in location and color intensity.
  6. Complete the look with a sweep of translucent powder, which will help protect and fix the blush.

3. Blush faq’s

1. How much to apply?

It is always best to apply sparingly and add more layers, as needed. A little goes a long way when it comes to blush.

2. What’s the Best Tool for Applying?
For creams: you can use your clean fingers to work color into skin. Start by using your middle finger to apply, then blend with two or three fingers. Dab a dot on the apple your cheekbone and two smaller dots up higher. Using your fingers and light pressure, blend the dots together up to the hairline.
For powders: you will need a wide-headed loose-powder brush to distribute color evenly onto your cheek and temples. Do not use small brushes, as they are less easy to work with and will create a ‘stroke’ effect on your cheeks that will require time to correct and blend.
For gels/stains: synthetic makeup wedge are the perfect applicators for this type of blush.

3. What are the Difference between Blush and Bronzer?
Blush is meant to add color to your check area, while bronzer can be used all over your face, adding a tanned, healthy glow.

—Susie Wang

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