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How To Perfectly Apply Concealer

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1. Order of foundation and concealer

There are two possible combinations to apply concealer you can choose from: start with a liquid or cream foundation, apply the concealer afterwards and then finish up with face powder; OR start with a powder foundation, apply concealer and allow it to set.

2. How to use

a) For Dark Circles – use a concealer that has a radiant light finish (liquid concealer instead of heavy cream type). Because the skin around the eyes tends to dry out easily, make sure that the area is moisturized before you apply concealer. Apply the concealer to the darkest part only, and not to the entire area. From there, blend the concealer to the rest of the area, gradually covering the dark circles, for a natural-looking coverage.

b) For Pimples – it is best to use a color that is one tone darker than your skin. Apply by using a concealer brush: start on the red parts and gently blend in. Finish by applying face powder.

c) For Dark spots / Discolorations – use a more pigmented concealer. Use foundation as a base for the concealer, for this type of coverage. Foundation will give the concealer something to blend into, thus providing a more natural look. Choose a foundation that is close in color to your skin’s pigment, in order to minimize the difference between the spots and your foundation. A color that is darker than your skin will help cover the spots most efficiently.

3. Easy step by step

The same application rules apply to all types of concealer:

  1. Start by applying several dots of concealer under the eyes, close to the lashes. Also apply a dot on the inside corners of the eyes.
  2. You can use the pad of your middle or index finger or your brush to blend the concealer in. Gently tap in the concealer. Do not rub, and make sure to blend well and evenly.
  3. Continue by applying concealer on other uneven spots on the face: your chin, around the nose and around the mouth, if needed. Tap in.
  4. If extra coverage is needed, it is best to apply several thin layers, instead of a single, thicker one.
  5. Set the concealer by using fine, loose powder. This will provide a natural finish and ensure the concealer stays on for longer periods of time.

—Susie Wang

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