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How To Choose The Right Foundation

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How To Choose The Right Foundation

1. Understanding your skin type

Oily skin tends to be shiny and present blemishes, you need to make sure you find a lightweight foundation that doesn’t clog pores and can help reduce shine.

Combination skin is made up of oily and dry skin, distributed over different areas of the face. They should be treated as two different types of skin and therefore different products are required for each of them. The oily part of combination skin is known as the T-zone area (forehead, nose and sometimes chin). The rest of the face is usually dry.

Dry skin has a tendency to be flakey and patchy. It can also look dull. It requires a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Consequently, the best foundation for dry skin is one that provides long lasting coverage and locks moisture in, while making skin look fresh.

2. Understanding the foundation textures

Liquid foundations work very well for most skin types, and are usually best suited for normal skin. Even though they are sheer, they cover blemishes and scars. Liquid foundations even out skin well, are easy to apply and provide dewy, luminous and natural finishes. Additionally, combination skins may require a loose powder to fix the foundation and prevent shine in the T-zone.

Cream foundations are the perfect fit for dry, flaky skin, as they provide coverage while moisturizing. Cream foundations offer a full coverage and, depending on the formula, give a luminous or radiant finish which works well for dull, dry skin. You can also choose an anti-ageing foundation which helps maintain skin firmness while providing coverage and corrections, if needed.

Powder foundations are very useful when it comes to controlling shine and creating an even, matte finish. If you have normal to oily skin, then you will probably prefer powder, as it is lighter than cream foundation. However, if you have dry skin, powder foundation will show it off. For normal and oily skin, apply powder foundation over the whole face, and only on the T-zone area (forehead and nose) if you have combination skin.

Mousse foundations are easy to apply; they have a soft texture and a whipped consistency. They work best on combination to oily skin types and provide a matte finish. Mousse foundations require no additional powder, as they already have a powdery finish.

Mineral Foundations give a healthy, natural finish to your make-up. Besides coverage, they have health benefits as well: they contain minerals that strengthen and support the skin, vitamins for the skin’s vitality and anti-oxidants to protect against free radicals.

3. Understanding the foundation finishes

Matte finish, or powder finish, leaves the skin with a soft, clean and no-shine finish. It is perfect for combination, oily and very oily skin.

Satin finish has a semi matte finish, also called sheen /cashmere finish. It gives the skin a fresh, natural and very flattering look. In order to make it last longer, you can set it with translucent powder. Because of its sheen, it is not suitable for very oily skin, nor for hot or humid conditions. However, if your skin is slightly oily, you can still enjoy this great foundation type by using powder and doing regular do touch-ups to the T-zone to reduce shine.

Luminous foundation has a pearly finish. It is a great tool if you are going for a dewy, shiny look, for special events. It is a great foundation because it makes skin look flawless and radiant, but it does not last as long as the other types of foundations. So reapplication is necessary, in order to keep your glow for longer periods of time. It is also a great choice for adding light to mature or parched skin.

To Summarize

Foundation Type
Suitable Skin Types
Liquid Foundation
Light to medium
Luminous Finish
All skin types, but ideal to normal, combination & dry skin
Cream/Powder Dual Foundation
Medium to full
Luminous/Matte Finish
All skin types, but ideal to combination to oily skin
Powder Foundation
Light to medium
Matte Finish
All skin types, but ideal for oily to very oily skin
Mousse Foundation
Light to medium
Matte Finish
All skin types, but ideal for combination to oily skin
Mineral Foundation
Light to medium
Satin/Matte Finish
All skin types

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