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Lipstick Textures That Are Perfect For You

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When choosing lipstick textures, you have many options, depending on your personal preference and the occasion. Lipstick textures include creamy, matte and gloss with sheer, translucent coloration.

Lipstick Cream

Cream lipsticks have a very rich texture, which makes them soft and easy to apply. They help lock moisture in, while providing more shine than a matte formula.
Cream lipsticks are ideal for you if you don’t want to keep reapplying lipstick and touching-up your lips during the day. They work for full and thin lips alike. They offer a long wear time and keep your lips from getting dry during the day. Because they are very creamy, this type of lipsticks can sometimes ‘bleed’ over the lip lines. This can easily be avoided by using a matching color lip liner, which will help fix the lipstick.

Pearl / Frosted

Pearl or Frosted lipsticks combine the benefits of color pigmentation and medium to high shimmer-and-shine finish.
Frosted lipsticks have a more discreet finish, also known as ‘pearly’. Because frosted lipsticks have a tendency to highlight any cracks and folds in your lips, make sure you exfoliate and moisturize before application. This will ensure an even and perfectly healthy look.


Matte lipsticks are long lasting, because they are rich in pigment. As the name denotes, they add no shine to the lips, therefore you may want to add gloss for extra shine. Because they have no moisturizing effect, it is recommended that you apply lip balm before the lipstick, and allow it to absorb, in order to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

Shine / Hi-Shine

Shine and high-shine lipsticks are infused with tiny particles that reflect and mirror light, for a glamourous effect. Prepare your lips by exfoliating and moisturizing before applying shiny lipstick, since the high shine will accentuate any cracks and lines in your lips. Exfoliate and moisturize with lip balm, allow it to absorb, and follow with lipstick.


Gloss is usually associated with younger faces, as it makes the lips look sexy and luscious. Sheer gloss can also enhance an already applied lipstick, as a means to add a touch of shine and glamour to your look.


Sheer is suited for women of all ages. It is more discreet than gloss, usually near translucent or naturally-tinted. It provides a natural effect, as it has a low-pigment formula. Sheer lipstick is close in formula to lip balm, making it moisturizing and easy to wear throughout the day. It is a great alternative to glosses or full-coverage lipsticks, for those who prefer a more natural look.

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